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The Ward Report 6.3.2022
The AZGOP is using the democrat play book, Lawfare 101! Read More.
The Ward Report 5.18.22
The hit documentary 2000 Mules, will be shown in over 400 theaters this weekend and expected to hit more theaters than that next weekend, find out where at 2000Mules.com Next, The OBiden Ministry of Truth is getting paused due to…claims of disinformation. Our final topic today is that “pregnant men” are fighting for their right to kill babies. Read More.
The Ward Report 5.12.22
In today’s Report we discuss the efforts that Democrat groups are going to in order to reverse a law passed this year that requires citizenship to vote in Arizona elections and the RNCs roll in the defense, along with several Republican groups. We also discuss Yuma counties efforts to stamp out election fraud. Check out the links included. Read More.
The Ward Report 5.11.22
Weaponizing government agencies and entities against citizens is harder to do in Arizona - a new law was signed reigning in the AZ Bar. The socialists (Democrats) cry out, “Tax the rich!” But they are unhappy when the FL legislature & Governor DeSantis actually do that with Disney - removing the billion-dollar empire’s special privileges. Of course the Left tried to sue to reward Disney, but a FL judge struck their ridiculousness down. Read More.
The Ward Report 5.9.22
In today’s Report we talk about the censorship of 2000 Mules and provide links for how you can watch the movie, purchase the movie and share it with friends. In addition, we announce first to our viewers, the Kelli Ward NFT project. Links are below. Help us keep fighting to save America! Read More.
The Ward Report 5.7.22
In today’s Report we discuss 2000 Mules and how you can see it tonight from home as well as the marching on churches by radical leftists tomorrow because they demand the right to keep killing babies. Read More.
The Ward Report 5.5.22
In today’s Ward Report we discuss our corrupt government, illegal spying and mRNA injection injury. Read More.
The Ward Report 5.4.22
May the 4th Be With You! We’re back! Will Roe v. Wade be overturned? And will screaming liberals continue to entertain us forever? The government tracks Americans via cell phones? Conspiracy theory? Nah… Read More.
The Ward Report 3.14.22
In today's Report, we discuss the open assault on the Bill of Rights. We also cover the latest with the law that adversely and unfairly attacked the Precinct Committeemen and share the news that the AZGOP, YavGOP, and several individuals are suing The State of Arizona to prove this law unlawful! Read More.
The Ward Report 3.8.22
Tonight we recap the activity in the Az Legislature on SB 1720 and HB 2840 and what the future holds. It is important to know that the activist base will not be silent and will ensure that this bad law brought to us via HB 2839, Section 4 is repealed. Read More.
The Ward Report 3.7.22
In today’s Report we discuss how to find a doctor in this world of political science and then jump into the mess created by the Az Legislature last week with regards Precinct Committeemen elections. Read More.
The Ward Report 2.28.22
In today's Report we discuss signature verification failures and Biden polling failures. Read More.
The Ward Report 2.18.22
In today’s Ward Report we discuss the McCarthy endorsement of Harriet Hageman, Liz Cheney’s opponent in Wyoming. We talk about a Rule 11, censure of the two fake Republican clowns Kinzinger and Cheney as well as their role in targeting every day Liberty loving Americans with the improperly formed J6 committee. Read More.
The Ward Report 2.11.22
Oh Canada! In today’s Report we discuss the Canadian trucker convoy and an overreaching socialist tyrannical government response to people trying to ensure their medical freedom and absence of tyranny. Read More.

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