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In this book, Dr Kelli Ward explores the mood of the people and their lack of trust in the 2020 election, why there was a lack of confidence, and why our elected representatives should have done everything in their power to reassure the voters. You will journey through why an election audit of Maricopa County was Justified, how the Maricopa Audit became America’s Audit and why election audits should be necessary, routine, and expected. You will have the opportunity to see many of Kelli’s internal and external communications. Although some of those, specifically text messages, have already been released to the public, she provides context and background that the liberal media failed to give you. 

November 3, 2020, started a firestorm in the United States of America. According to polls, the results of the presidential election were doubted by half of America’s voters. The political elites and their lackeys in the press expected the world to ignore what they had seen for a year with their own eyes - massive rallies for President Trump capturing energy and action in every state across the nation to keep America great versus the non-campaign run by Joe Biden who rarely left his basement - and blindly trust the reported results. 

In the paperback book you will learn about:
- the results of the Maricopa Audit
- the results of the Liz Harris led canvas in Maricopa County
- many of the court cases that were brought by and with Dr Kelli Ward
- real evidence of wrong doing and law breaking
- why audits of elections should be done

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