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Dr. Kelli Ward is a conservative champion who will stand with President Trump and fight to make Arizona great again.

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A Message From Kelli

After careful consideration and many long discussions with my family, friends, and supporters, I have decided to run again for the US Senate in the 2018 cycle.

Many of you know the successes that we enjoyed in our last race. Although we did not win, our team did an amazing job and I know that we will be able to build on our success and win in 2018. Here’s where we will start this time: 

  • We were able to earn 40% of the vote in a 4 way race.
  • More votes were cast for me on Election Day than for any other candidate, including Mr. McCain - including votes in Maricopa County.
  • We won 5 of 15 counties and had more votes outside of Maricopa and Pima Counties than McCain.
  • We raised more money last cycle than any other insurgent candidate.
  • Over 235,000 Arizona voters selected me to be their next US Senator.
  • We were outspent at a rate of about 10 to 1.

The thirst for small government, freedom, liberty, low taxes, repealing Obamacare, closing our borders, fixing our broken immigration system and protecting our Constitution and Bill of Rights will not disappear after this election. We need conservative champions, like me, to lead the fight.

You were instrumental in getting us to where we were last time and I need you to help me again. I am going against a guy that votes to confirm liberal judges, supports amnesty, open borders, horrible trade deals, and does not fight to defend the Constitution. He votes to fund Planned Parenthood and has supported budgets that have increased our national debt trillions of dollars. He claims one thing to voters and does the opposite in DC.

Without your help, we will not have the resources needed to take out a DC globalist insider masquerading as a liberty-loving Republican. I’m tired of the deception in DC – let’s make sure our voices are heard in 2018.

Failures of leadership have led to the problems we face in our state and our country: open borders, over 90 million Americans out of work, lost insurance and skyrocketing costs under ObamaCare, and a federal budget that only goes up. It’s time to change that.

-- Kelli Ward