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Kelli on Washington Watch with Tony Perkins

Ward Endorses Trump Budget Framework

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelli Ward today endorsed the budget proposal President Trump put forward this morning and urged Arizona’s representatives to move it through quickly.

“The President’s budget begins the process of draining the swamp by eliminating dozens of unconstitutional, duplicative and unnecessary federal programs that should be run by the states, if at all,” Ward said. “I hope our five Republican House members stand united with the president in support of this plan.”

Ward said she knows her own Congressman Paul Gosar will be a solid vote for the president’s spending cuts but said she had personally sent an email to both Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake asking that they put politics aside and support the president’s budget.

“The President’s budget proposal eliminates wasteful spending and redirects dollars to the Constitutional functions of border security and national security,” Ward noted. “I know both Senators have had their differences with the president with Jeff Flake even admitting he voted for Evan #NeverTrump McMullin against President Trump. But I hope both will put politics aside and stand with the president as he makes the most significant reduction in federal spending in our lifetimes.”

Ward is challenging Flake for renomination in 2018 and last year held John McCain to just 51 percent of the vote in his primary election. She argues that Arizona needs a conservative Senator to stand with the president and take apart the failed liberal welfare state and that Jeff Flake is just too “moderate” to do the job. If reelected, Flake will have been in Washington for nearly a quarter century.

Kelli on BBC News to talk about President Trump's immigration Executive Order

The Washington Times: GOP upstarts look to sustained enthusiasm for Trump carrying into next elections

David Sherfinski, writing for The Washington Times,

Kelli Ward, who is preparing for a primary challenge against Sen. Jeff Flake next year, said Mr. Flake and his fellow Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain have been looking for ways to undermine Mr. Trump.

“What any good elected official does is they watch the executive and they look for times when they may need to do it — but they don’t look for things that they can just pick on in order to be in the opposition, and that’s what John McCain and Jeff Flake are both doing,” Ms. Ward told The Washington Times recently.

Kelli Ward: By Repealing ObamaCare, Dems will be Forced to Compromise on Replacement

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelli Ward today called on Congress to be bold and fully repeal the ObamaCare disaster just like they did last year, a move, she says, will force Democrats to the table to compromise with majority Republicans.

“Americans in 2010 gave Republicans control of the House of Representatives on the promise that ObamaCare would be repealed. But then we were told it wasn’t enough because we didn’t control the Senate. And when the GOP took the Senate in 2014 we were told it wasn’t enough because we didn’t control the White House,” Ward, a physician and former State Senator, noted.

“But last year voters rejected the failed Obama-Clinton agenda and elected Donald Trump. Now Republicans control the White House, the Senate and the House but we’re getting a whole new round of excuses,” Ward said.

“What Republicans need to do is pass the repeal legislation that we read about in their endless fundraising appeals for the last six years. The era of excuses is over,” added Ward. “The legislation they sent last year to President Obama during reconciliation, and which he vetoed, needs to be sent to President Trump’s desk.”

“Now the House leadership expects Americans to accept a bill that continues healthcare welfare, subsidies and mandatory coverage. This is not a repeal but rather cementing a false notion that more government is the solution to problems more government creates,” Ward pointed out.

“Congress needs to pass the full repeal bill they sent to President Obama’s desk and allow the free market, liberated from government abuse and manipulation, to lower healthcare costs for all Americans,” Ward said.

“ObamaCare is a complete disaster and by repealing it, we’re going to let the free market take over and find new solutions to the problem of skyrocketing premiums, out-of-control deductibles and a loss of consumer choice,” added Ward.

“I have outlined the Patient Power Plan based on what I’ve seen on the ground as a medical professional,” Dr. Ward noted. “I hope Congress passes something similar to what I have outlined, but nothing will pass unless Republicans are bold and fight back against the Democrat’s Alinsky tactics. The House Republican approach is the wrong approach.”

Ward’s plan moves towards a free market through a combination of tax credits, block grants, Health Savings Accounts and market competition.

“By repealing now, Democrats will be forced to the table to compromise with Republicans – because their own constituency will demand it. That’s the art of negotiating and with Donald Trump in the White House, it’s time Republicans act with the knowledge someone has our back, for once,” Ward pointed out.

Kelli Ward is challenging incumbent Senator Jeff Flake for the U.S. Senate seat up in the August 2018 Republican Primary. Ward, a physician and former State Senator from Lake Havasu City, held John McCain to just 51 percent of the vote in her 2016 race against the 30-year incumbent.

Immigration Executive Order

Kelli Ward says new Trump Travel Executive Order puts Rights of Citizens First


Trump “correct in standing up for American national security”

Tempe, AZ – Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelli Ward today hailed President Trump’s Executive Order concerning travel from countries deemed to be state sponsors of terrorism.  “President Trump is correct in standing up for American national security through a tough executive order putting the rights of Americans to be safe from terrorism ahead of the non-existent ‘rights’ of those who think they are entitled to enter our country,” Ward, a physician who previously served in the Arizona State Senate, said.


In a prepared statement and video from her campaign, Ward noted that the FBI is investigating more than 300 refugees for possible terrorism ties.  “Taxpayer dollars are being used to investigate people who may not even have been in the US had enhanced vetting procedures been in place,” added Ward.  “People who want to travel to the US from countries that are state sponsors of terrorism, countries that harbor terrorists from groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda and countries without the ability to vet their own citizens must be scrutinized prior to entering our country.”


“I fully support the President’s prudent actions to make America safe again,” Ward said.



Kelli Ward is challenging incumbent Senator Jeff Flake for the U.S. Senate seat up in the August 2018 Republican Primary.  Ward, a physician and former State Senator from Lake Havasu City, held John McCain to just 51 percent of the vote in her 2016 race against the 30-year incumbent. 

Why do I oppose forced paid leave? Because government needs to get out of the way.

People have asked why I oppose forced paid leave. First and foremost, I believe in small government and less regulation as well as the free market and competition.

Have you ever owned a business? And do you understand freedom & capitalism in the US vs. forced participation, high taxes, & socialism in Europe?

Some downsides to government mandated paid leave:

Paying someone for 3 months while no work is being produced by that person.

Saving someone's job for 3 months while forcing others who aren't on leave to make due with less.

Hiring a temporary worker to fill in and having to pay twice as much for the same work to be done.

What happens if the person gets paid for 3 months and decides not to return to your business? How do you recoup the money? You cannot recoup the time. And now you are in the hole because you have to take more time to find a new worker and more time to train him/her.

It's a losing proposition for most small businesses and some large ones as well. Government needs to get out of the way. Businesses should determine if they want to offer paid leave or not. We don't need another government mandate. We need the free market and competition to Make America Great Again. 

Kelli Speaks with The Millennial Post at CPAC

During CPAC last week, Kelli had the chance to speak with The Millennial Post. Check it out:

Sonoran News: Kelli Ward: Phoenix Should Never be a Sanctuary City

Conservative Republican US Senate Candidate Kelli Ward joined with conservative activists across Phoenix in demanding the City Council reject a petition to declare the state capital a “sanctuary city.” Letters to the Mayor and each member of the City Council declared her opposition to such an idea and reminded them that it is their duty to uphold the law – not break it.

Said Dr. Ward, “Turning Phoenix, our capital city, into a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants may impose unnecessary and overwhelming financial burdens on taxpayers. We must not implement any policy that promotes sanctuary to people in this state illegally.”

Ward continued, “Now more than ever, it is essential that local, state, and federal governments work together with local and federal law-enforcement to protect our fellow Americans and to guarantee that all of our laws are upheld, not selectively enforced or even ignored. We are a country of laws. Phoenix should be a shining example in America, not a place where law and order is put on the back burner.”

In October, Kelli announced that she will challenge Republican Senator Jeff Flake, one of President Trump’s biggest foes, in the 2018 primary election.

Read the full story at Sonoran News.

Listen to Kelli defend President Trump to a worldwide audience on BBC Radio

Yesterday, Kelli appeared on BBC Radio's Up All Night with Dotun Adebayo. Click here to listen to the panel discussion.